What it is and how to enable DNS over HTTPS on Firefox and Opera

In this tutorial you will learn step by step what it is and how to enable DNS over HTTPS on Firefox and Opera. A technology that ensures extra security and privacy while surfing the Internet, by securing and encrypting DNS requests, using the HTTPS protocol.

This measure of security and protecting the privacy of Internet browsing can be activated both at the browser level and at the operating system level, regardless of whether you are a Windows, Mac or Linux user.

Before you see how you can activate DNS over HTTPS, it is good to understand what this technology is and how it works.

Ce este DNS over HTTPS (DoH)?

DoH was first introduced by Mozilla in 2017 when it was implemented in the Firefox browser. Through this technology, security and privacy are improved in the process of interacting with DNS servers. DNS being the fundamental protocol responsible for translating domain names (example.com, besmart.tips) into IP addresses, thus facilitating the connection with the corresponding web servers.

By using DNS over HTTPS, DNS requests are encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, which is the same security protocol used to protect connections to websites. This adds an extra layer of security, as information related to the web addresses you navigate to is protected from unauthorized interception and analysis.

In other words, when a user accesses a website, their browser makes a DNS request to find out the IP address corresponding to the domain name. In a traditional environment, this request is sent in plain text, making it relatively easy for an attacker to intercept and understand what site you are browsing. By implementing DoH, this request becomes encrypted, making it more difficult for unauthorized third parties to analyze or access it.

How do you enable DNS over HTTPS on Opera?

To activate DNS over HTTPS for Opera, all you have to do is open your browser settings, type “https” in the search bar, then activate the option “Use DNS-over-HTTPS instead of the system’s DNS settings“.

Once you have enabled this option, you have several ways in which the technology DNS over HTTPS can be used.

DoH via Cloudflare in the "default" mode, in the mode that offers protection against web pages with malicious content, in the mode that blocks access to both malicious and adult content pages, by Google Public DNS or the customized mode, through another DoH provider.

This is an option that you enable DNS over HTTPS it is very good especially for computers from which children have access and who have set Opera as their default browser.

DNS over HTTPS pentru Firefox

You can activate the technology DNS over HTTPS for Firefox from: Settings > Privacy & Security, choosing one of the modes: Increased Protection or Max Protection.

Also, for quick access to these DoH settings in Firefox, you can access directly from the address bar: about:preferences#privacy.

It is recommended to ensure that the protection level activated does not affect your internet browsing. If enabled "Max Protection” and DNS security is not available, web pages will not be accessible.

Finally, activation DNS over HTTPS (DoH) in browsers like Firefox and Opera is a significant advance in insurance security and privacy while browsing online. By encrypting DNS requests, DoH provides an effective shield against the interception and manipulation of this information, ensuring that details about websites accessed remain secure and confidential.

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